The back story

True to the principles in our very own manifesto for Concept Hackers, InFlow has learnt from its own concept experimentation and pivots and has subsequently been reinvented since its inception. Here's our story.

"I always have—and always will—believe that innovation can change the fate of any company."

Like many of InFlow's clients and users of the Concept Canvas, I have experimented with various ideas and concepts for innovative products and offerings over the course of my career.

After experiencing numerous successes and some painful outcomes that didn’t turn out as expected with some of my own work, I decided to create a tool that would really help people in what is arguably one of the most important but commonly overlooked and challenging stages in any new digital project—concept discovery.

What I’ve found is that if concept discovery is not carried out properly, it can spell disastrous results for all involved.

With innovation now conclusively proven by research as one of the major necessities for startups and larger enterprises to adopt not only to thrive but in many cases just to survive, I believe it’s timely to make a contribution.

This is where the Concept Canvas and InFlow's offerings come in.

The Concept Canvas borrows proven principles from science and combines them with the most powerful techniques and methods for creativity and design so that teams can innovate and experiment with solution concepts with much more confidence and thus, increase their success rate when it comes to innovation.

I always have—and always will—believe that innovation can change the fate of any company. InFlow is on a mission to serve those who believe the same.

Paul Morris

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